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3 days - 2 nights - USD 990
You can visit one of the most beautiful places in Brazil in a 3 days trip through the most preserved coast in Brazil.
This trip can be started in Sao Paulo, going to Rio de Janeiro, or also the other way around.
The beach places located between Sao Paulo and Rio de Janeiro States are full of beautiful landscapes, surrounded by the Atlantic Rainforest, small beaches and lots of islands.
That trip includes destinations like Paraty, an old colonial town buit by the Portuguese explorers in the 16th century, very picturesque place with rustic paving stone streets, old colonial churchs and houses, that became restaurants, hotels and shops. Also Ubatuba city is included, with its very preserved rainforest on the its beaches, waterfalls and beautifull views.
A general overview of Rio de Janeiro city and most famous attractions like the Crist Statue on the top of the mountain and the cabble car (Suggar Loaf) is also included in this trip. 

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