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2 Days Tour - USD 520
Imagine spending 2 days and 1 night in one of the nicest and most beautiful places in Brazil. Paraty is an old colonial town founded by portuguese explorers in the 16th century and used as main port for gold exportation in the 18th century.
The old houses became hotels, restaurants, cafes and shops, in a very colourful style. The town is located at the most beautiful bay in Brazil, surrounded by many green islands and nice beaches good for snorkeling and enjoying a boat nice ride.
We will drive 4 hours from Sao Paulo to Paraty, crossing the "Serra do Mar" Rainforest State Park and driving through the Preserved beaches, waterfalls and wonderfull landscapes of Ubatuba. We'll arrive at Paraty at the end of the afternoon, make hotel check-in and enjoy the colourful Paraty's night life for dinner.
The next day at Paraty, we'll take a small or big wooden boat(depends on availability) to have a beutifull ride at Paraty Bay, swimming on some of the most beautiful beaches and islands os Brazil. Snorkeling and lunch is available.
At the end of the day we will drive back to Sao Paulo.

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