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2 hours from SP - USD 380

Coffee was the main product responsible for the economy´s growth in the beginning of the 20th century in brazil, and brazil is the biggest coffee producer in the world.

Visit a real active coffee farm located in one of the best coffee regions in brazil , known by high quality coffee (about 2 hours away).

Built on the 19th century, you can see the original old house of this farm that became a elegant countryside hotel, with a beautiful swimming pool in the middle of the backyard. 

You can visit the plantations by horse or car, and see all the processes of the coffee production, from harvest until the drink. the coffee made in this farm is sold as high quality to good coffee shops in brazil and exportation.

You can try a traditional Brazilian countryside food for lunch, already included.


Transportation by car from Sao Paulo, English or Spanish speaking tour guide during all activities, visit to all places in the farm with local guide, lunch, coffee tasting

8 hours tour

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