One of the world's largest cities, Sao Paulo has a mixed and beautiful population formed from various cultures, as the Japanese community (the largest outside of Japan), Italians, Portuguese, Lebanese, etc.

Sao Paulo has big differences between its neighborhoods, from older historical areas to green and beautiful neighborhoods with large houses and gardens, along with its variety of museums and art galleries.

São Paulo was founded in 1554 by the Jesuits of Portugal led by José de Anchieta and Manoel da Nobrega. These Jesuits built the first building in Sao Paulo with clay and rocks, which you can visit during a sightseeing tour.

For many years, Sao Paulo was kept as small colonial town in the country-side (about 70 km away from the coast) and only began to grow after 1890, when the railroad was completed. About the same time, also ended slavery in Brazil and the farmers and people in government decided to invite immigrants to replace hand labor.

Centered in coffee production, the economy of this part of Brazil grew rapidly and exponentially, becoming the largest economy in South America later, with industrial development. Sao Paulo became the most important city in Brazil, South America and one of the world's most important.

São Paulo also has the largest infrastructure and services trade in South America as shopping malls, hospitals, universities, hotels, restaurants, convention centers and headquarters of international companies.

Come to visit this country placed in the area of a city, which is Sao Paulo.


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