Closest beaches to SAO PAULO - SP

The biggest port in Brazil is located in Santos and Guarujá cities, what supports the economy of these cities.

Santos was developed strongly in the 19th century because of the coffee business, that used to be exported through the port to Europe and the rest of the world,  so in the old center,  one of the tourist attractions is the coffee museum, where the visitor can try different types of good-quality coffee and get to know about its history.

Charmy and busy, the beaches of Santos are long and wide, with many appartment buildings along the coast, and a beautiful garden.

Sao Vicente is beside Santos continuing the same beach. Both together look as just one city.

But Sao Vicente is the first settlement in Brazil made by the jesuit missions, althogh there´s no more buildings  remaining from these times. In Sao VIcente are located two panoramic view points that are the best in this coast, one is a restaurant, and the other is a mountain with a type of ski lift with open chairs that go above the rainforest. 


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