The Mountain holiday destination in Sao Paulo - SP

Beautiful Mountain european styled city located 3 hours away from Sao Paulo.  Winter´s holiday destination for paulistas (people from Sao Paulo). 

Campos do Jordao has chalets in German, Swiss and English styles all over the city, and has several attractions like the touristic city center with many options of restaurants, hotels, bars, shops and beautiful night life.  A famous brewery´s bar and restaurant called Baden-Baden is visited by thousands of people and offer tables outside even inthe coolest winter nights.

Campos do Jordao has a nice music theater that hosts the famous Winter Classic Music Festival every year, attracting many visitors. Outside, at the theatre´s yard, there´s a beautiful sculpture museum called Felicia Leirner thet shows impressive white sculptures contrasted with the green garss and vegetation.

The chocolate factories are also a nice attraction for the visitors, where you can buy fresh-made chocolates of all kinds and also see the production line and learn about the chocolate production proccess.

The Benedictins´Monastery, Panoramic view points, the Butterflies Park and ecological walks are also nice attractions you can see in Campos do Jordao.



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